United Prayer Rally

Boroughwide Prayer Meeting 14th June 2017

A call went out to all Leaders of all the churches, civic leaders & citizens to come together to pray following the recent stabbings in the Havering area. we were all shocked to read in the Evening Standard about Hosam Eisa's death in the car park right near where we had parked.  The article is attached. There is a link here to another article with two other attacks...


A prayer gathering was arranged at Romford Baptist Church.  inviting local civic leaders, church leaders, people from all across the borough on Wednesday evening 14th June  from  7:30-9:30 pm.  

All Christians were invited to come and stand corporately to repent, pray and intercede for our borough and our land and people. 

 Boroughwide Prayer Meeting 11th October 2017 
On the 11th October a further prayer meeting was arranged at Romford Baptist Church, with specific focus on prayer for the Young People of our borough, where we prayed for our Schools, Student, against Bullying & Violence within our Schools, Teachers, Staff & Management. We prayed for the different christian and non christian ministries and organisations in the borough of Havering that have a regular focus and imput on our young people, the Met Youth Engagement teams, Grace Works, Scripture Union, Local Church Youth Workers and Havering Connect.