The Vicar of Bagdad came to Havering

We were very excited to bring the Vicar of Bagdad to KingsHeart  Church Havering in July 2017

For the last two decades, Canon Andrew White he has worked as a mediator in some of the deadliest disputes on Earth, in Israel and Palestine, Iraq and Nigeria. He has sat down to eat with terrorists, extremists, warlords and the sons of Saddam Hussein, with presidents and prime ministers. 

Canon Andrew White has been shot at and kidnapped, and was once held captive in a room littered with other people’s severed fingers and toes, until he talked his way out of it. He is an Anglican priest but was raised a Pentecostal and has that church’s gift of the gab, 

KingsHeart Church Collier Row, hosted an evening with Rev Canon Andrew White "The Vicar of Bagdad" to Havering, on Friday 7th July at 7pm. For an evening of worship and powerful testimoney. inviting everyone to come and be inspired. Canon Andrew White has never flinched in standing up  for the love of God in Jesus, and his desire to share that love.