Mission Statement

The Aim of 28:19InAction is to work with the local church to support them in evangelism in our local community, through prayer, training, and the organising of events which will encourage them as they seek to reach out to the non-Christians in their localities.

28:19inaction is based on the Scripture Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

28:19Inaction is a ministry set up to provide relaxed, non-threatening high quality evangelistic events which will appeal to all  age groups and to help people of all ages, gender and backgrounds to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in a clear, relevant way and help them respond positively to it,

28:19InAction use quality artists and experienced communicators to share the Christian message and encourage the church in personal evangelism. 

28:19InAction  seeks to enable people of all ages to engage in effective evangelism, through different forms of media, especially relational and by social action enabling them to share their faith through word, action and by christian living.

28:19InAction also seeks to train Christians by using evangelists and evangelical organisation, who have proven experience and are able to communicate in an authentic, clear and effective way. 28:19InAction will give the resources and the opportunities to put the training received into action.

28:19InAction is based in the London Borough of Havering, and is open to work with any ministry where we can jointly share the gospel.

28:19InAction believes all of the above actions must be underpinned with prayer and to this end have a dedicated prayer team in place to, not only seek Gods guidance in all that we do, but to continually pray that relationships are built, opportunities are taken, the  gospel is shared and that lives are transformed.