Words fail to express my gratitude to 28:11 for the support given to my ministry—Time with Corrie Ten Boom— a series of  one-woman theatrical performances about the late Corrie ten Boom.

I credit  Kim Dopson and 28:19 for the wide outreach and success we achieved on our last trip to the UK.   28:19 gave it their all, connecting us with churches, theatres, media and  ministries throughout Essex and elsewhere.  It would have been next to impossible to bring the “Corrie Remembers” show to the UK without their dedication and commitment to excellence.  We worked with a variety of people in many different situations, and in every encounter, Kim was able to adapt in an engaging way.  In every aspect of the work/ministry, HE was lifted high.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Kim Dopson and the team he leads.  It was a pleasure working with them. 

Susan Sandager
Sandager Presentations

I just want to take a moment to tell you how blessed I was during my visit to the United Kingdom this past March/April, 2017. Since this was my first visit to the U.K. to share a gospel message, I did not know what to expect from my hosts. I can now most definitely state that you were a tremendous host, extremely courteous to both myself and my family and most accommodating. 

It was such a blessing to partner with your ministry, 28:19 and share a gospel message with so many men, women and young adults who you had arranged for us to   minister to. And I truly appreciate your arranging my visits to both the TBN network and the Christian radio station, therefore allowing many more people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through my testimony. I now know that not only have I gained a true minstry partner in 28:19, but a true friend and brother in Christ in you, Kim. Thank you, brother!

I look forward to our ministries partnering again in the near future to continue the work we started this past season. 

Be blessed,
Michael Franzese
Michael Franzese Ministries