Sunday Night Live

28:19 has partnered with Sunday Night Live and the Churches of Upminster to host live entertainment in a local coffee shop. The first if which is in Costa Coffee in Upminster, Essex.

The purpose of these events are to bring top quality Christian artists, musicians or entertainers who share the gospel through their testimony, music, songs etc. Enabling those who come, to hear the gospel in a non-threatening environment, and a relevant way.

There are 20 photos for this gallery.
SNL Esther Cowhill SNL Daughters of Davis Andy Mayo
Dave Bilbrough Donna Akodu Lara Martin
Pete & Nicki Simms Libby Redman Rob Haligan
Esther Howgill Meleke Rachel Yvonne
Steve Parsons Paul Bell Jon Kendall
Keith Sadler Gaz Simmons Jacob lloyd
Vernon Fuller Steve & Velveta Thompson